Colour Analysis

Do you have a favourite outfit you go back to time and time again despite the new purchases hanging in your wardrobe?  Chances are it is because the colour compliments and flatters your colouring making you feel good when you look in that mirror.

Wouldn’t you like to feel like that with every outfit you put on?

Discover how, by wearing your optimum colours, you can let the inner you shine through. We can all wear most colours, it is just getting the correct shade for your colouring and putting them in the right places.

What does it involve?

  • An individual hour session to assess which colours complement your skin tone and show off your best features.

Where will Colour Analysis take place?

  • At a location of your choice, at a time to suit you. It can be daytime or evening.

This service can be combined with other services I offer such as body shaping styling and wardrobe management and offered as a single appointment or split across a couple of days.

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