To Jeggin or not to Jeggin

After attending the clothes show a couple of weeks ago with my daughter it brought it home to me again that whether we like it or not there is a cut off point for certain fashions when women reach a certain age.

I love to people watch and an event like that is just fantastic for coming across every type of fashion style you could hope to see. It removes the stereo typical ideas that shops try to channel us down.

One of those being leggings and jeggins. When you are young you can wear anything provided you are an average size and no matter how off the wall you go if you wear it with confidence you can carry it off. However when you reach a certain age this is no longer the case and we get stuck in limbo wanting to look on trend and fashionable but not looking ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ as my mother used to say. We did see a few ladies who fell into that category and no matter how good a shape your body is in, there is a time when we have to stop dressing like teenagers and find our own style.

That is not always as easy as it seems as it takes time to reassess your style and work out what suits you now as opposed to 15 to 20 years ago.

It was therefore a pleasant surprise to see an article in one of the supermarket Christmas magazines called grown up glamour. I therefore  took it home with my shopping and was impressed with the 50 tips they gave for ageless style. Particularly as I was just in the process of reading a book covering the same topic and all the suggestions and advice where almost identical. It came as no surprise then to find it was actually written by the author of the book which is full of ideas and suggestions of how to look glamorous and stylish rather than trendy. The book is ‘Grown up Glamour’ by Caroline Cox and well worth getting as a present this year if your little dears still don’t know what to buy you.

By the way I am not saying we can’t wear leggings and jeggins, it’s just the way we wear them that has to alter slightly from our children.

So happy shopping and have a happy and glamorous Christmas

Best Wishes Jan

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