Happy New Year

So here we are 2012 is under way and so far the resolutions are holding up. And this is one of them, to keep you up to date with what is going on with the high street style and fashion trends, what is in, what is out and what just needs a little tweaking to keep up to date.

I rarely come  anyone now who is not being effected by the current financial state the country is in, so if we can keep on trend by just adding a few key pieces to what is already in our wardrobes then we can save a small fortune.

To do this though you need to know what is in your wardrobe in the first place, make sure it is the right colour and shape for you and identify the gaps that need filling in to make it all work for you. 

Everyone has favourite pieces they go back to again and again and those are usually the ones that flatter them the most ,so we all know what looks good on us we just get side tracked from time to time by the latest must have item which never looks the same when we get it home and try to find something to go with it. 

We still have a couple of months before spring sets in for those of us who are determined to drop some weight and fit back into some of our favourites, so don’t do anything drastic yet if you are struggling. It is always good to have something you want to get back into to spur you on. However there are still probably at least ten to fifteen items in your wardrobe you will not wear again, so be strong , bag them up and send them to the charity shop for someone else to get some use out of.

Dresses are still going to be in style this year which is great as they are much less complicated than mixing and matching skirts, blouses and trousers if you are not confident with what suits you.

Collars and necklines in general will be a focus this year, they can be dressed up or down with all the accessories on the market today at very reasonable prices.

Wide trousers are still in, very flattering to ladies with hips and thighs,  though best avoided if you are very slim as you can look swamped.

It’s rumoured red is going to be the colour this year and it will be interesting to see how this is presented in the shops, whether the cool and warm complexions will be catered for as there is a significant difference in the effect the blue reds and orange reds have on different skin tones.

So first job of the year is to sort your wardrobe, if you need a hand get in touch, there is nothing more satisfying than having a wardrobe full of something to wear rather than nothing.  You can contact us here.

Check in next month when I will have more information about what you should and shouldn’t be wearing this Spring and Summer and which styles suit which shapes.

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